Friday, March 26, 2010

Tourism radio – innovative information for Cape Town tourism

The city of Cape Town, like the rest of South Africa, eagerly awaits the many international visitors who will be enjoying the FIFA World Cup 2010, some of whom will be staying in our affordable Cape Town holiday accommodation. Visitors should know about a feature that is available when hiring a car to make your motoring holiday around the Western Cape more informative and more enjoyable.
Tourism Radio is a station designed to entertain and educate tourists while driving en-route. Once a visitor opts to include Tourism Radio in their hired car, they can tune into Tourism Radio on 91.4 FM to get cultural, historical and anecdotal information, as well as updates on nearby attractions and even shows. Tourism Radio is a unique location-based radio broadcast that keeps tourists informed about the area they are visiting, in via GPS technology fitted into rental cars. Thanks to GPS technology and a specially designed Tourism Radio device, Tourism radio will tell the visitor all about the area through which he is travelling, and will draw the attention to prominent landmarks and highlights as they are approached, so you don't miss anything that your South Africa holiday has to offer. As you move from one location to the next the information will change so you only hear what is interesting and related to the area. Tourism radio website assures visitors that the station also airs entertaining and informative radio shows on topics like South African slang, local music and 20 questions a tourist would like to ask a South African."What this means in practical terms is that if you're in Cape Town, you learn about the development of the Mother City, and when you drive to Stellenbosch, the focus of the broadcast travels with you ... it's that easy,". "It's like having a local person (to guide you ) there in your car," founder and operations director Mark Allewell says
Tourism radio also aims to make visitors to Cape Town aware of what they can experience during and after the World Cup, and will have also have a focus on safety of tourists, in partnership with the city of Cape Town. Visitors to Cape Town with cell phones will also be able to obtain informative guides by downloading them from the local website This will be launching during April across multiple mobile phone operating systems. Derived from the Xhosa name meaning go or travel, Hummba is a social network for travelers that lets them connect with friends, track their travels live and share their travel experiences, directly from mobile phones.With an estimated 10-million tourists expected to enjoy a holiday in South Africa this year, this new technology is sure make their travelling experience more pleasant. Further good news for tourism in Cape Town is that the price of a Cape Town holiday is definitely becoming more affordable as many lodges, guest houses and self catering establishments have reduced their prices to affordable rates as has been confirmed in recent surveys conducted in the industry. If you are looking for an affordable relaxing place to stay during the World Cup you will be sure to find it at :

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