Friday, June 4, 2010

South American football fans are headed for World Cup 2010.

It is well known that the people of South America are crazy about football and have delivered many world-class players. One of the reasons that has recently been given by South Africa Tourism organizations for the disappointingly low number of visitors that have booked to travel to South Africa for the World Cup 2010, apart from the economic recession, is the high cost of airfare. Now football fans from Brazil who have been wishing to travel to South Africa will be pleased of an announcement of affordable airfares coupled with affordable South Africa accommodation.

The reputable international travel portal Global Pillow in association with Football Nights Association (FNA) have confirmed that they have secured a Worldwide Charters Boeing 747-300 aircraft, to charter Brazilian football fans to and from South Africa for the final stage of the 2010 World Cup football tournament departing from around 21st June. Prices will be well below the standard airfare, and FNA has eased any last minute travel arrangements by putting this together with an accommodation Service If accommodation is booked through FNA you can most probably expect a discount on your flight.

This is what is being offered to Brazilian football fans on their website:
Flights depart from either Sao Paulo or Rio De Janeiro to South Africa
Excludes all airport taxes and VAT
Includes one internal flight in South Africa
All Flights return to Rio De Janeiro and not to Sao Paulo.
Dates are set and cannot be changed.
No refunds for cancellations.
Trips depart from 21,22,23 June and return on 12,13,14 July respectively.
Accommodation is not included but FNA can arrange transfers and accommodation for you.
FNA is now considering arranging similar packages for Argentinean soccer fans.

South Africans will also enjoy cheap Flights to South America
South Africans can pick up cheap flights to Rio De Janeiro during this time because the aircraft has to return and cannot be allowed to go back empty. South Africans can expect to pay as little as R3,499.00 from Johannesburg and R3,749 from Durban to Rio De Janeiro.; excluding airport tax return Dates for these flight packages are set and cannot be changed, and no refunds will be available for cancellations. Departures from around 21 June and return on about 12 July.

I am sure that all in the business of tourism in South Africa will welcome this initiative which we hope will increase the numbers of visitors seeking accommodation for the 2010 World Cup.

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